Selecting an Atlanta SEO Company

When it comes to SEO and internet marketing Atlanta Georgia is becoming a go to city for these in-demand business services. There are over 100 SEO and Internet Marketing firms in the Greater Atlanta Area with more opening everyday. While this may be good news for the business owner that does not have internet marketing and seo experience, there are some details you should consider before hiring an Atlanta SEO Company.

Most SEO companies have your best intentions in mind when marketing your business online. In fact, I’d say that the majority of seo companies are ran with high level of ethics. The problem is that SEO is not something that a person can learn overnight and a handful of companies think that they have the experience necessary to handle the large task of running your seo campaign.

With that said, there is one company in particular that we can endorse. Underdog Marketing Solutions is an Atlanta SEO Company with a track record for achieving results in the most competitive niches in the Atlanta area. Let’s also not forget that Underdog Marketing Solutions maintains an A Rating with the Better Business Bureau. While they deal primarily with Law Firms and Medical Practices, Underdog Marketing Solutions does not shy away from any SEO challenge. One of there most successful client is an Atlanta Plumbing Company that generates more than 3 million dollars annually. That is an accomplishment within itself because of the sheer volume of plumbing companies in the Atlanta area.

Another great example of the seo prowess that the folks at Underdog Marketing Solutions has is there work in Law Firm Marketing. SEO for law firms has long been the hardest area for seo’s to work in. Why? Because the average transaction price for an attorney is over $2,000 per client. If you are an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney 1 case can land you millions of dollars. That is why attorneys are willing to invest in a sound online marketing strategy. And that is why there is such stiff competition for seo companies in the Atlanta area. Almost every lawyer has contracted an seo company to handle there online strategy which increases the level of difficulty for seo’s working in the legal marketing industry.

Now that we have told you what to look-out for when looking to increase your online presence, why not take a look at Underdog Marketing Solutions LLC, an Atlanta SEO Company with the proven experience and knowledge to increase your businesses leads and sales(that is if you can close the leads!)

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